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Young Justice of the Future

Young Justice of the Future 3 years ago, I watched an episode of Young Justice Outsiders, Home Fires, in Iris West’s house, there was a playdate for Children of the Justice League such as the twin children of the flash, Superman’s son, and son of Aqua man and Mera, and the daughters of black lightning. Ocean master/Orm was secretly plotting to kill the children and families of the heroes called the nuclear option. But he was killed by Lady Shiva because he was a former member of the Light going rogue. Do you think in the next season of Young Justice, they will show the children of the Justice League as teenagers or young adults from a different future like Bart Allen and the Legion of Superheroes? Maybe, it could be a young justice spinoff that is set in 12 years in the future like a combined parody of Boruto, Cobra Kai, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, and Dragon Ball Z: the Great Saiyaman. DC has a thing with time travel and alternate futures such as the Characters from the DC Future Stat

DC Characters we want to see in Young Justice Season 5

DC Characters we want to see in Young Justice Season 5: Don’t watch this video until you watch the season finale of Young Justice Phantoms. Young Justice Phantoms has finally come to an end, and we are hoping for another season after the six-issue comic book, Targets after the season finale. There is some great and heartwarming news: Everybody is happy that Connor, Rocket, and Dick are alive and save the earth from the evil House of Zod. Connor and Megan are reunited and finally get married.  The Legion returns to the future and tells Superboy he will be part of an important event in the future. There are dark moments in the young Justice season final such as: Mary Bromfield and Kara Zor El are now furies for Granny Goodness and Darkseid’s army. Zod and the Kryptonian from the Phantom Zone are captured by the Light. Ursa is pregnant with Lor settled to Daxam and Ma'alefa'ak is at Durla For his white Martian fo